Need Assistance in Relocation and VISA Processing?

Be at ease with Royal Ridge Consultancy Inc. as we provide you relocation services that is made easy for clients who are struggling and in need of assistance to find comfort living in the Philippines.

About Us

Royal Ridge Consultancy Inc.

Is a local corporation that was formed and founded by team of experts that deals with assisting, managing and handling the relocation needs of expatriates who are assigned by multi-national corporations, embassies and non- government agencies in establishing their homes as well as providing proper documentation such as their working visa as they stay in the Philippines.


To establish the company that execute good quality service proficiently makingrelocation simple and easy that caters to the best interest of the clients.


To be recognized as one of the trustworthy companies that provides relocation servicesthat is hassle free for the smooth and seamless transition of every family to thePhilippines.


Our dedicated team members serves as the single point of contact that acts as your adviser and consultant that liaise and coordinates with various agencies essential for the completion of their move in the Philippines. We specialized in end to end relocation solutions for individuals executive personnel, and corporations, we offer quality service supported by timely results in a cost effective manner when handling the lodging and working visa of clients.

Moving to another country is indeed a hassle. Our team gradually introduces Philippines to mitigate culture shock as well as contemplating ahead and analyze the unique needs of each and every family by creating programs that tailor fits their requirements which will provide environment that exhibits a more comfortable and acceptable to the standards of the clients.